if u think that there has ever been a greater scene on television think again

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I know hyperbole is something that I am a fan of and something that I use in everyday conversation, however, after seeing the predictions for the 2014 elections, I am legitimately afraid to live in the United States. I hate hearing that all politicians are the same and that voting is just picking from the lesser of two evils. Yes, there are some really awful Democrats in congress but the majority of them are fighting for hard working Americans. Republicans have one nothing but unravel the fabric of democracy and have fought to strip people of their human rights, from voting to marriage. They are, in all respects, a party of hate, extreme corruption and ignorance. They are a party that exploits fear, fabricates myth and displays them as fact, and cares nothing about human life or the human experience unless you are a sack of chemicals in a uterus. They are the party that claims “corporations are people too” and that women are not. That saving money is more important than feeding starving children. That the Christian religion takes priority over all other faiths. Ultimately, if you are not a rich heterosexual Christian white male you are just not worth representing or protecting. I don’t know about you, but the difference between good and evil has never been clearer and the importance of voting has never been more prominent.


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